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exclusive designs in luxury natural yarns

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MC118L boucle mohair(D.K. weight) hand knitted coat with cotton
contrast on cuff, yoke and shoulders
black, cream, silver


CC119s short chevron peplum hand knitted jacket( D.K. weight) with
two button fastening and with/without contrast on cuff
cream, black, wine, mustard, slate grey, French navy
Med: £54.50
Lge: £69.00
cotton boucle
Hand knitted(D.K. weight)
cream, sand, wine
silk & wool version Hand knitted (D.K. weight):
anthracite, caramel, natural, soft sage, dusty pink
with either black/ cream contrast on cuff
Aran style
Hand knitted Egyptian cotton.(D.K. weight)
Colours as for CC119s
S25c Hand knitted lace 4-ply silk jacket/cardigan
Claret, black, silver grey, beige gold, rust red, ivory
Med: £55.00
Lge: £62.00
SS117 Hand knitted D.K. weight raw silk cardigan
Ecru, black
SW102 Silk and wool machine knitted 4-ply peplum jacket
Soft sage, natural, mid-grey, dusty pink
£35. 00
LL102 Linen(4-ply equivalent) machine knitted peplum jacket
Cerise, emerald green, chocolate brown, dusty pink
SS116 Hand knitted “Butterfly” tunic in D.K. raw silk
Ecru or black
S116 4-ply shorter version £29.00

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