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(KK denotes knitting kit available)

Ready Made Knitwear Price List


Style no: S15J
Kimono style jacket ~ Italian silk lace ¾ length jacket ~ various colours

S15D ~ Silk lace dress

Silk evening purse to match

S15J  S15D



Aran tunic

Style no: Aran tunic KK

Hand knitted in Egyptian cotton
(see price list for colours )

Cotton/linen “throw” ~ various colours




Style no: CC119s  KK

Hand knitted in Egyptian cotton with/without contrast on cuff ~ various colours

Sleeveless spun silk top ~ ivory only



Style no: “Oxford” KK

Boucle cotton hand knitted peplum jacket



Style no : SS12J

Long –line spun silk edge to edge jacket ~ ivory only

Lace short sleeved top ~ ivory only

(unlined “A” line lace skirt available)

SS12J  SS15s


Style no: S100

Raw silk swing back jacket

(matching lined skirt available)

~ ecru or black

Spun silk gossamer fine “throw” ~ ivory




Style no: S25c  KK

Hand knitted Italian silk lace jacket ~ various colours



Style no: SS117  KK

Hand knitted jacket with lace peplum ~ ecru or black



Style no: TS100

Tussah silk swing back jacket

~ beige gold only

(lined straight skirt available)

Tussah silk “throw” ~ beige gold only



Style no: S12J

Italian silk short edge to edge jacket with frogging fastening

(matching sleeveless top available) ~ various colours, scarf to match



Style no: “Oxford” KK

Boucle cotton hand knitted peplum jacket



Style no: S15Js

Italian silk short, edge to edge jacket with optional plain silk top ~ various colours



Style no: LL102

Linen peplum jacket

(matching knitted T-shirt top available)
~ various colours



Style no: SS116  KK

Hand knitted tunic length raw silk sweater
~ ecru or black

(matching plain knit lined skirt available)

Finer, shorter version of sweater available also.



Style no: MC118L KK

Boucle mohair, satin lined ,full -length edge to edge coat with side splits and tassel detail ~

Cashmere/silk “wrap” with Italian silk tassels ~various colours



Style no: S15 tunic

Italian silk lace tunic with side splits and crochet finish

(lined lace or plain knit skirt available)

scarf to match



Style no: SW102

Silk and wool mix fitted peplum jacket ~ various colours

(Matching lined straight skirt available)


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